The obstacles are the way

“Easy choices hard life, Hard choices easy life”

Firstly, I don’t think that there is such a thing as a “hard” life or an “easy” life. 

I think we all have personal challenges, and we can choose how we perceive life at difficult moments, it’s not all hard or all easy. Everyone has both positive and negative experiences. That being said, the quote struck me and I agree with it in a lot of ways. I believe that the quickest way for us to grow as people, is to do what’s hard for us. That movement which doesn’t come naturally to you, spend time practicing it. That risk you’re afraid to take, go for it. The skill you really don’t like, hire a coach or grab a training partner to help you. The conversation you keep putting off, yep…that one…it’s probably best to have it. The thing that frustrates you the most, try a different way of attacking it. The decisions that come with the most fear, doubt, concern, worry, dread, or suck….they aren’t easy ones. 

They often keep playing over and over in our minds, because they come along with some amount of discomfort. Therefore we try to avoid them and choose the “easier” option that keeps us more comfortable. 

So we think anyways. You may think you’re staying comfortable by not doing something, but you’re likely getting more uncomfortable on the inside. Doing what’s uncomfortable, making the harder choice, is what will propels you forward, it’s what helps you grow!  It will help you become stronger, more adaptable and courageous. It will help you feel more free, less concerned and ultimately better at competing, relationships, workouts and life. I like the quote stated this way —> “Easy choice, harder life. Hard choice, easier life.” The benefits of doing what’s uncomfortable are way bigger than any amount of benefit you’re getting from trying to stay in your comfort zone.  Keep practicing whatever is tough for you, and you’ll find yourself flourishing. Try one small thing today that makes you feel uncomfortable, remember.....

“Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone”


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