CrossFit is dangerous!! A few busted myths!

So you've heard of CrossFit, maybe you've seen the CrossFit Games on Netflix?

You probably know someone who does it!

You're even potentially interested in having a try, BUT you've heard some things....

Some good... some bad....some, well crazy!!

So lets shed some light on the 3 biggest misconceptions about CrossFit.

1. Crossfit is dangerous

I'm here to tell you that YES it is dangerous!! Wait...WHAT!?!.....

But guess what? So is getting behind the wheel of a car. So is crossing the road! However the biggest hazard to your health you will find is?.... Doing nothing!!

Being sedentary can lead to a number of lifestyle diseases that will take you from your loved ones faster than anything else.

Why CrossFit gets a bad rap is usually down to a couple of factors-

Poor coaching, poor programming and ego... EGO is dangerous!!

Everyone at CrossFit Prolific goes through the basics, no matter your level. Building a solid foundation is paramount before things like load and intensity are introduced.

So find yourself a Coach that will look after you, knows how to scale movements appropriately and is not afraid to push you BUT also reign you in when needed!!

2. You need to be fit to start

Everyone has to start somewhere! The beauty of CrossFit is that everything can be modified to accommodate any fitness or skill level. You just have to get started!

This is the definition of Crossfit;

"While CrossFit challenges the world's fittest, the program is designed for universal scalability, making it the perfect application for any committed individual, regardless of experience. We scale load and intensity; we don’t change the program. The needs of Olympic athletes and our grandparents differ by degree, not kind."

Meaning that as humans we all need to move in a variety of ways as often as we can. Regardless if you aim is to go the Olympics, to be able to pick your children up from the ground pain free or to keep yourself out of a nursing home as we age!!

3. Crossfit is expensive

Whilst it certainly can be dearer than your average gym membership its still a hell of a lot cheaper than the associated costs of metabolic diseases that doing nothing will set you up for, plus you're getting far more bang for your buck!! The average gym doesn't mind if you only show up twice a year, they don't know what your capable of and they probably don't even know your name!

You're getting personal training levels of attention, motivation and coaching for a fraction of the price of that 1 on 1 cost.

You're getting a tribe of people to help keep you accountable and a coach that knows you and what you're capable of!

If all that has peaked your interest or even changed your mind and you'd like to see for yourself what CrossFit is all about come join the fun at Prolific Merewether, the first couple of sessions are on us!

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