You won’t find headphones and redundant workouts here at CrossFit Prolific!


Instead, we provide high-fives, a good sweat and top-tier coaches trained to tailor each and every workout to you as an individual, so you get the most out of your experience.


Want to give it a go?


Your first two classes here at CrossFit Prolific are on us!


Please arrive 10 minutes early to fill out our waiver and have chat to the coach before diving in.


Not sure if it’s for you?


We’ve all been a beginner at some stage and we make the transition into CrossFit as smooth as possible for you.


Check out our comprehensive FAQ section, or shoot head coach Rusty an email or call to talk it over.


Get Geared Up!


All you need is yourself, a willing attitude and a water bottle!


Wear comfortable active wear and bring a sweat towel.

Have a read of our FAQ's here.


Come and try it out! With your first two sessions FREE you can come to CrossFit Prolific and experience it for yourself.


Have a chat to Rusty (our head coach) to determine what support you need to get the most out of your time with us.


We cater for all fitness levels, experience and injuries and we’re always looking to expand our community.


Simply show up ten minutes prior to a scheduled class to fill out a waiver form and talk to the coach.


1.       Assessment - Everyone has their unique goals to chase and obstacles to overcome. We want to know everything about you, what you want              out of your experience with us and what is important to you. We’re all ears.


2.       Mentorship - Here at CrossFit Prolific, you get a coach for life. You’re not just buying a membership with us. You are getting an expert coach            who will provide education and training, as well as be there when you need them the most.


3.       Individual Coaching - from group sessions, add in an individual program to supplement your training.


What even is CrossFit?


From the CrossFit Journal: “Constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movement.”


Every day we have a new WOD (workout of the day) which may include weightlifting, gymnastics movements, body weight movements, moving odd objects, cardio, endurance training and more.


The best way to find out what it is? Come and try us out!


Your first two sessions are on us.


I’m a female and don’t want to bulk up, is this for me?


Come and try a session with us. The majority of our members are female and none of them are complaining about being too bulky.


Resistance training is phenomenal for weight loss, preventing osteo-related problems and great for bone density.


It of course depends on your own anatomy and physiology, but let’s just say if you don’t want to put on too much muscle mass, you won’t!


I have never done CrossFit, what can I expect?


Good times ahead!


Challenging, high-intensity workouts (both physically and mentally), but a lot of fun too.


We often throw in partner workouts and use a variety of equipment, from barbells and dumbbells, to sandbags, boxes, sleds, benches and more.


Each workout is completely modifiable to your fitness level and your body. Intensity is increased as your foundations grow.


Come and try a session with us today, you won’t regret it.


I am super unfit, will I die?


You have to start somewhere!


We can easily adapt any and all workout to the level you are at now, thus allowing you to progress at your own pace.


You work as hard as you want, resting when you need and when we feel you’re ready, we’ll encourage you to try moving heavier weights, or more advanced options, if you want to.


And if not? You just stay where you’re at! No pressure.


Your experience here with us is whatever you want it to be (and hopefully more).


I have an injury/injuries, will I be able to participate?


Here at Prolific, every workout is adaptable and modifiable.


Make sure you let us know what you’re working with and we can help you find alternatives that suit where you’re at.


What are all these crazy CrossFit terms?


WOD = Workout Of The Day (this is what we will be doing in your class)

AMRAP = As Many Rounds As Possible

EMOM = Every Minute On The Minute

TABATA = Eight rounds of a particular exercise in a specific 20-seconds-on, 10-seconds-off interval


And SO many more which you will learn over your time with us. You don’t need to memorise these!


I don’t want to compete, can I still come for fun?


Please do! Most of our members come for fitness and the great community atmosphere. You’ll fit right in.


At the end of the day, the only person you’re truly competing with is yourself!


I DO want to compete, can you help me?


We would love to!


Ask us about elite training and competition preparation, come and use the gym during our open timeslots, and ask us for any modifications or enhancements to the programming you may need.


I’ve heard that CrossFit is dangerous!


If you don’t do something correctly, you injure yourself. Whether that’s picking your kids up off the ground or lifting a heavy barbell overhead.


Like any sport or fitness pursuit, sometimes people do get injured. But we believe that the risks of CrossFit have been unfairly blown out of proportion.


Here at Prolific, we keep our class sizes moderate so the coach can watch and instruct everyone at all times, ensuring correct technique and modifications where necessary.


To ensure you stay safe, make sure you let your coach know about any pre-existing injuries or conditions.